Monday, October 26, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

outsiders edge...

Outsiders Edge…
I remember the days when Richie and I traveled from Chinle  to Tucson…we were just young Chinle boys heading to the big city away from the rez…ready to start adventures at UA (in fact ready to start that next chapter).  Those moments were quite memorable; we talked about the future, friends, and whether he should speed up with a new car; (when you have a new car, both our dad’s shared a new car needs to be broken in before hitting faster speeds)…Richie understood this well – and I too,  yet I was more like the one wanting to go faster…the road from Show Low to Globe was slow …although it was scenic I wanted to fill the day with more… My thoughts on family lingered…my thoughts on choices lingered…after all, the previous summer I was at camp pendelton hiking up old smokie preparing for my after high school evolution.  I was thinking about my sister Trish at NAU, thinking about my grandparents…was thinking about Brian and his next steps as a cross country runner…
Richie’s car was not only our freedom, it represented how far we’ve come; how the work we did at Chinle High School, Chinle Junior High, and Chinle Elementary, and Chinle Primary resulted in us moving forward.   We’ve been dug in since the middle 70s…heading down that winding path pass mammoth.

My first driving experience….About 1979, on a road from Kayenta to Many Farms, I was traveling with my mom and sister, we spent the day in Kaibeto at grandpas…my mom was so tired, she ask me to drive! Ha…so there I was driving my mom and sister Trish on the dirt road.  At the time, the road between Chilchinbito and Many Farms was dirt graded road…I was 9 driving under the stars while they slept…that’s funny to think about…fast forward to 1981 (year Too Fast For Love was released), I was quite the driver…I would drive my grandmother on my dad’s side from her house to the cornfield.   I remember playing dad’s 8tracks Don Williams driving pretending to be big shot…dreaming of one day driving main street Chinle…haha…the road from Gram’s to cornfield at the base of the mountain was about one mile….i remember cause the song would end…

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5th marathon

had a great race last month at PF Changs RnR to city...was great for the first 1/2...the 2nd 1/2 was tough..seeing Mavelle at 14 miles was great! she is a great inspiration...

Monday, September 15, 2014

day after sunday

listening to U2's Love Rescue Me...writing tonight with thoughts on a deadline i set for our team...Red Mesa CTE is due Friday...perhaps Monday will be teh due date for some...has quite the month managing & coordinate design efforts..

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Sunday, August 3, 2014


sessions 'jam on it'  - Part 1

listening to newcleus's jam on it (1984) this beat - reminds me of the guys over at santa monica pier we saw four weeks ago -they were hipping on the deck,battling...pretty cool moves.  it also reminds of the days at chinle bashas where guys use to battle to hip-hop/electro music..haha.  i was always fascinated by the music and the whole movement -quite the seduction.  it was evident, us rez folks tapped into mainstream through various conduits (mine was radio, hit parader magazines, word of mouth).  yay, we are all connected through music.  there i was watching dudes, like preston's crew and my bud, gerald charley battle.  (didn't know large format cardboard was valuable! ha)

i love listening to various styles of music.  being saturated by dad's country 8-tracks (charlie pride, linda ronstandt, waylon, buck owens, eddie rabbit, johnny horton, and the list goes on) - that plus my sister's disco & punk music will always ground me to a genre of music.